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Elaine Brenner is a children's photographer with clients in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, as well as Chicago and Philadelphia.


I know what it’s like to see what’s really special in your kids. For me, it’s an oldest daughter with a grasp of spirituality that’s well beyond her years. It’s a middle daughter with a mischievous sense of humor that can get me laughing in a split second. It’s a youngest son who can literally bat his eyelashes out of any potential trouble.

I also know what it’s like to want really great photos of your kids. Photos that make you chuckle, remembering exactly what it was like to chase that two-year-old around the kitchen. Photos that make you sigh, remembering just how that newborn held her little mouth in a pucker when she slept. Photos that make you pause, remembering those times in your child’s life that have passed all-too-quickly.

By taking the time to play with your kids, talking with them and letting them boss me around just a little bit, I'll be able to give you photos capturing the very things that make your kids so special.